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The Beginning of a Blurb March 13, 2013

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There are many theories whispered about in the mid of night as to why our piece of Nefus floats. We have dwelled in suspense between earth and the blanket of stars since time began. Protected by clouds we remain unseen. Luck has been on our side thus far. Secrecy has been the Zahav Council’s highest priority. No one on Nefus is to know we live among them.

The Zahav teach that we are hand selected by Hakadosh. But who is this Hakadosh with no face, just name. Are we living on blind faith? Why do “we” the chosen people live in a shroud of mystery? Why do we trust when we live without knowledge? Why do none of us know who we really are,
except the Zahav?

My mother tries to quiet me on the topic. It is apparently inappropriate to talk about at dinner and a social shame during parties.

What I desire is nothing but the truth.



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