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Zophia’s Porch March 1, 2013

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Her screened in porch housed a large easel and over abundance in potted foliage.
A stool rests in front of the naked easel
next to it is a wall of bookshelves,
some housing paint and jars of paint-colored water with numerous brushes popping out. Beside the water jars are books,
Books and more BOOKS.
Books galore,
all scattered about the floor,
on the the shanty little desk,
one open on the stool.
Across from the easel,
adjacent to the desk
sits an old creaky rocking chair with an explosion of yarn and knitting needles.
Beyond the mosquito netting,
standing proud,
banana trees flowering before the next harvest’s yield.
The screen door crashed open and just as suddenly clattering closed.
A swooping gust of wind was to blame.
It smelled of hectic rain,
blooming flowers
and change.



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